The Issues


Read the issues and the role that Senator Cristina Castro has played in these issues.

Education is an investment in our future. For Sen. Castro that investment starts in early education and should be sustained up until a student is ready to enter the workforce. That means ensuring our schools continue to receive revenue directly from the state – not just from property taxes, making higher education more affordable, and increasing career pathways for students after high school. 

Reducing Student Expenses

Sen. Castro passed legislation that helps reduce some of the financial burden for college students. One of the biggest expenses while in school can be textbooks. Now, thanks to Sen. Castro, students will receive discounted textbook prices when they enroll in a course. Sen. Castro will continue working to find ways to reduce the cost of higher education. 

More options

There are many careers that don’t require a traditional degree and still have a high salary potential. To help students learn about these opportunities and receive quality training, Sen. Castro helped create the Job Training Assistance and Support Services Pilot Program, which awards grants to organizations to distribute subsidies to individuals participating in an apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, or work-based learning programs. 

In addition to providing subsidies for students interested in apprenticeships, Sen. Castro secured $55 million for Elgin Community College’s manufacturing center. These funds will be used to expand existing programs and create space for new job training related to clean energy. 

Supporting Educators

Illinois’ students and parents deserve the best quality teachers. One way to attract the most qualified candidates and retain them in our school districts is by compensating them fairly. That is why Sen. Castro has voted to increase teacher salaries in the past and she will continue pushing for higher wages.