The Issues


Read the issues and the role that Senator Cristina Castro has played in these issues.

A clean energy economy in Illinois will be possible thanks to the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), which takes the most comprehensive approach in the nation to ​​ensure the benefits of clean energy policies flow equitably throughout the state, helping to correct environmental injustices that have impacted communities of color for too long. Sen. Castro was one of the leading legislators who helped pass this groundbreaking law, which makes Illinois a national leader in combating climate change and puts us on a path to a 100% clean energy future by 2050. 

This same legislation provides a plan to transition workers whose jobs are in polluting industries and ensure that there aren’t any massive job losses. As new clean energy companies move to Illinois, there will be new job opportunities that will help disadvantaged communities build wealth. 

Clean Waterways

Sen. Castro has a 100% scorecard from the Illinois Environmental Council because she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to conservation through her legislative efforts. One piece of legislation sponsored by Sen. Castro that will keep our waterways clean, is her Disposable Wipes Legislation, which requires manufacturers of disposable wipes to clearly label products as “do not flush” and gives wastewater districts the ability to enforce the act through fines for violations. 

Looking to the future

Combating the negative impacts of climate change requires ongoing work. Sen. Castro will continue looking for opportunities to protect our environment and support a clean energy economy in Illinois. Her ongoing work includes efforts to increase electrical vehicle charging stations and direct more funds into conservation and maintenance of our natural resources.