The Issues


Read the issues and the role that Senator Cristina Castro has played in these issues.

Sen. Castro serves on the Healthcare Access and Availability Committee. In this role, she works hard to bring together legislators from around the state to pass health care reform legislation so that every Illinoisan has access to quality healthcare. Thanks to Sen. Castro, Medicaid coverage is available for undocumented individuals age 42 and up, Medicaid will cover expecting mothers who choose to use midwife services, 30-day supplies of insulin are now more affordable, and private insurance companies will cover medically necessary breast reduction surgery. 

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Sen. Castro strongly believes that women should have full autonomy over their bodies. She has supported all legislation that protects a woman’s right to choose in Illinois and has passed laws that expand access to birth control. She will continue protecting women’s reproductive rights and advocating for their right to choose.