The Issues


Read the issues and the role that Senator Cristina Castro has played in these issues.

Senator Castro believes that immigration status shouldn’t restrict a person’s access to resources or limit community safeguards. She has always spoken out on behalf of immigrants and will continue to push for legislation that protects and enhances their quality of life. 

Safety & Protection

Crime in immigrant communities or directed towards immigrants oftentimes went unreported because people feared interactions with the police could lead to deportation or further questioning of immigration status. This fear made our communities less safe and kept our community members feeling vulnerable, which is why Sen. Castro passed a law that prohibits law enforcement agencies from investigating the immigration status of those in the agency’s custody. Additionally, it prohibits state and local law enforcement from detaining individuals for federal civil immigration violations. 

Children & Adolescents

When children are neglected or abandoned, they should always be allowed to remain with a guardian, regardless of their immigration status. That wasn’t the case here in Illinois until Sen. Castro helped pass a law that guarantees this right to immigrant youth who are victims of parental neglect or abandonment. 

Higher Education

Pursuing a higher education is overwhelming for most, especially for those students who are undocumented. To help these students, Sen. Castro passed a law that requires the governing board of each public university and community college district to have a designated Undocumented Student Resource Liaison available on campus to provide assistance to undocumented students.