The Issues

Public Safety

Read the issues and the role that Senator Cristina Castro has played in these issues.

Sen. Castro wants families to feel safe when they travel through Illinois. That is why she has worked with her colleagues to pass legislation that targets new waves of crime, including car jackings and organized retail theft. She has also supported the creation of a Crime Reduction Task Force and the violence reduction fund, which directs money to community-based organizations whose primary purpose is violence reduction in disproportionately impacted areas. 

Protecting Consumers

For too long, predatory lenders took advantage of those with limited access to cash funds and charged an average of 297% interest on loans. Thanks to Sen. Castro, a chief sponsor of the Predatory Loan Prevention Act, those loan sharks have left Illinois and there is now a 36% cap on interest rates. 

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence has no place in our communities, which is why Sen. Castro has always been an outspoken advocate for gun reform and investing in violence prevention. With an A+ rating from GPAC, one of the state’s leading gun violence protection organizations, voters can rest assured that Sen. Castro will continue to put safety first by working to ban assault weapons and push for common sense gun ownership laws.